One of these poem
won a prize of 
was displayed on 
the London Underground 
and was read on Classic FM.


  In Newcastle did Colonel Jim
  A stately brown ale decree
  Where beer the sacred river ran
  In bottles measureless to man

  He said pour it slowly -  a little at a time
  So a rich creamy head comes to its prime
  It is a miracle of rare device
  Best drunk cool from caves of ice

  Keith Thompson
  13th August 1992


  It puts the ale in poetry's pale
  And that's the one for me
  For it's almost a crime to chime and rhyme
  In nineteen ninety three

  Aye give em bottle lad
  Show em what's t' do
  Let's put some Newcastle
  In poetry's pale review

  Keith Thompson
  27th July 1993

But which one ?
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