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08May06 - Astrology links page updated with link to calendar system converter
26Jun05 - New Poems added - My Affair with Emily
11Jun05 - New Poems added - Jasmine & Honeysuckle Pavilion
30May05 - Astrology book sources links page added
22May05 - Other links & Astrology links pages updated and links page to free astrology texts added 
30Apr05 - Links - various links corrected and amended
25Mar05 - New Poems added - Pedlar of Dreams
12Feb04 - Back links improved from early poems
06Feb05 - New Poems added - Gold Mines at Thelnetham
23Jan05 - New poems added
23Jan05 - Parnassus of World Poets - status quo
27Jul03 - News section added to Parnassus of Word Poets
27Jul03 - What's New page added (this page)
17Aug03 - Sub pages introduced for links
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20Sep03 - Parnassus 2003 - dates extended
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